ic cheat                                                                                          
Get Tons of IC When You Beat 1 PokemonTo do this cheat you will need
3)Alot Of Time

What you have to do is walk up to a pokemon and press fight now open up firebug. You see a few things like the pokemon's lvl and number in firebugs serch box. Type in the pokemon that you are fightings number then press enter 2 times. Now you will see in the firebug box the pokemons number and other things one space to the right you will see a few numbers delete those numbers and make them very high like 500000000000000000. Now exit firebug and defeat the pokemon and you will have lots of money.

Double exp and IC per pokemon 

Okay guys you know when you press item bag your pokemon will attack first so use this moment. When your main poke is going to KO a pokemon at the last hit press item bag so once u killed it your bag is still there then press on a pokeball bought from the market which is real cheap and then bam double exp and double gold try it its works. Most Importantly Do it on a Legendary poke to reduce the chances of last minute capture which is a waste of space and time if u do not understand whts stated above READ the bottom one instead.

Read the above one before coming to the bottom for less understanding peoples
Step 1: Engage In A Battle
Step 2: Try To estimate your hits and At the last hit before the pokemon take the last dmg to death open your inventory[Note Do not Press Anything yet].
Step 3: Throw a pokeball which is so cheap everyone can afford it AFTER the pokemon dies[Means you must get the first exp thing when a pokemon dies]
And Tada X2 Exp And Gold[ after you throw the pokeball at the dead pokemon u get another set of gold and exp]
It is tested by me like forever now my prinplup is going to level 87

Shiny/Gold Steal Cheat

First you battle a trainer who has the pokemon you want first in their team. Next open up a new tab and look for a wild shiny/golden pokemon. Once you find one, DON'T battle it yet! Go back to the first tab and switch pokemon. Then QUICKLY switch tabs and press battle on the wild shiny/golden pokemon. Once it loads on the second tab, the pokemon from the trainer you are battling on the first tab will be where the wild pokemon was in tab two. Lastly catch it with a master ball.


Cresselia:Slateport City. Very Hard to find.

Heatran:Artisan Cave. 6 lv.100's in Team all rare Legends. Super Hard.

Regigigas:Artisan Cave.Same as by Heatran. Very hard to Find.

Phione:Slateport City. Hard to find.
Groudon:Artisan Cave. Very Hard to find.

Darkrai:Artisan Cave. Mega Hard to Find.

Leafeon:Slateport City. Hard to Find.

Mothim:Artisan Cave. Very Hard to Find.

and more soon...